Friday, March 23, 2012

Joba, Joba, Joba

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Ugh! The news of Joba Chamberlain's dislocated ankle surgery hit like a ton of bricks today, and it makes me wonder, "What more could possibly happen to this kid?" Just when it seems like he's progressing and getting himself back on a track...bam! A setback.

While I usually don't take kindly to athletes getting hurt outside of the rigors of their sport, I am in no way upset at Joba. Word around the blogosphere is that he dislocated his ankle while playing on a trampoline with his son, and I see nothing wrong with that; I'm sure that whenever he recovers, that practice will be one that he stays away from. For sure, there are many of you out that who deem Joba's latest incident as "foolish" or think he " should have known better." Well, life is trial and error, folks, and I believe that if he ever thought there was a possibility that he could sustain this bad an injury, he never would have done this. One of the things about him that I've always loved is the close relationship and attentiveness of which he bestows upon his son, and I won't condemn him for spending quality time with his child, in whatever capacity.

Perhaps had this injury taken place while he was in the "non-baseball activity" stage of his rehab from Tommy John surgey, the blow would be less crushing. He was well ahead of schedule as far as returning, and according to reports, had excellent bullpen sessions this Spring. He was so close, and well on his way to taking the mound in June. And now, he faces being out for the entire season; a season which I felt in my gut was going to propel him back to the awesomeness of his 2007 late-season campaign.

I wish Joba the speediest of recoveries and pray that this latest incident will not do any damage to his spirit. It is a very hard thing to stay positive when the chips continue to stack themselves against you. But perhaps rest, and time to reflect will make him come back stronger than ever. It's the best anyone can hope for.

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