Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bleeding Yankee Blue Needs Our Support

One of my favorite Yankee blogs on the web is Bleeding Yankee Blue. Like Bomber Boulevard, BYB gives its readers a look at all things happening in Yankeeland from their perspective. Owner and Founder, The Mighty Casey, has brought together a group of insightful writers that are true Yankee fans, and it shows in every post on BYB. Not only are these guys big on Yankees baseball, they are also big on supporting worthy charities.

In their latest effort, BYB is teaming up with High Socks for Hope: The David and Erin Robertson Foundation, to continue their support of victims of the the tornadoes which hit D-Rob's home of Tuscaloosa, AL last April. Casey & Co. are selling Bleeding Yankee Blue t-shirts, and will donate $1 from each sale to HSH. Also, BYB will donate $1 of its own money to the foundation for every strikeout D-Rob collects during the 2012 season.

For the Yankee faithful out there, who may have been wondering how they could involve themselves with a worthy cause in support of the team's players, this is the way to go. David and Erin's charity will help victims get their lives back on track from what is a very lengthy process of healing and regaining self-sufficiency. The Mighty Casey & Co. have made this easy: buy a t-shirt and join the Robinson's in the fight to help these families. And by the way, the t-shirts are pretty damn cool!

For more information on BYB's efforts and to order your t-shirts, click here.

David and Erin Robertson Courtesy of Bleeding Yankee Blue
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  1. thank you so much. We appreciate Bomber Boulevard and appreciate you taking the time to do this write up. We love you at BYB Rasheeda! thanks. Casey

  2. Thank you Coop! Bomber Boulevard rocks!

  3. You're welcome, guys. I will also support your efforts no matter what. I love you guys, too!! BYB is the gold standard!!!