Monday, November 4, 2013

A-Rod Allegedly Failed Drug Test in 2006

Angel Franco / The New York Times
According to a report in The New York Times yesterday, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for a stimulant test in 2006; three years before his name was leaked as one of the 103 baseball players who tested positive for PEDs in 2003.

Information given to The Times on the failed test were from two sources involved in major League Baseball's collective bargaining drug program. According to the report, A-Rod was not identified for the failed test because players are only suspended for stimulant tests if they fail more than once.

A-Rod's lawyers vehemently deny the charges, noting that he has never failed any test given by MLB under it's drug program. The Daily News reported this morning, that Alex's lawyers filed an application with the arbitrator overseeing their appeal of his suspension, Fredric Horowitz, claiming that MLB leaked this "lie" to the media. Lanny J. Davis, a representative from A-Rod's camp, released this statement:

"The ethically questionable and possibly illegal misconduct of Major League Baseball in its investigation of Alex Rodriguez -- such as the knowing purchase of stolen documents for $125,000 in cash in a satchel in a Florida restaurant and putting in a good word with prosecutors for someone reportedly under federal and state investigation for distributing drugs to teenagers in the name of getting Alex Rodriguez -- is not just unseemly, it is shameful.

"I believe a federal investigation of this misconduct is needed -- and specifically, of the commissioner of baseball and the extent of his involvement and knowledge of the professional misconduct by investigators he hired, as reported by The New York Times." (via ESPNNewYork)

The Daily News also reported that a spokesman for MLB declined to confirm or deny whether A-Rod failed the stimulant test, citing their office's adherence to its collective bargaining agreement regarding announcements of drug violations by its players.

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