Monday, February 13, 2012

Best of the Yankees Weekend Blogosphere

Noah K. Murray/The Star-Ledger
While I took a break from blogging this weekend for family, parties and closet cleaning, many of my friends throughout the Yankee blogosphere kept rolling out posts for all you fanatics that simply can't go a day without some news on our boys in the pinstripes. One of the biggest stories in Yankeeland was the trade talks between the Yankees and Pirates for AJ Burnett and players to be mentioned soon. My fellow bloggers did a great job covering this. Here is the best on that story and others from the weekend:

The Mighty Casey and Co. at Bleeding Yankee Blue give their take on when a possible Burnett trade will go down, and recap news from notable sportswriters who are staying close to this story.

Over at The Greedy Pinstripes, BryanV21 discusses AJ's value and breaks down the drop in his numbers since the 2010 season.

Mike Jaggers-Radolf of The Yankee Analysts (TYA) recalls three memorable Burnett moments while in pinstripes. You should also take a look at this post from TYA's Steve Sciacco, where he inadvertantly discusses Burnett by debating the argument of not trading players when their "stock is low."

Matt over at Bronx Goblin gives his satirical take on the Burnett situation. Gotta love his use of Photoshop on this one!

Brad at An A-Blog for A-Rod does a nice job on his round-up of the Yankees Spring Training invitees. Here he breaks down his predictions on which players he believe will have the best chance of making it onto the regular season roster.

Delia E. of Yankee Fans Unite givers her take on what the Yankees lineup should like in 2012. Love that she is on board with my feeling that Andruw Jones should be the Yankees DH.

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