Monday, February 20, 2012

Ibanez and Yankees Agree On 1-Year Deal

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So the inevitable has happened. The Yankees and outfielder Raul Ibanez have agreed on a 1-year contract, reportedly worth $1.1 million. Buster Olney of ESPN reported the deal this morning via twitter:

Now that the Yankees have seemingly taken care of their DH situation (which I am really not happy about, as my belief has been--and still is--that Andruw Jones was their best option for the DH role), the Yankees will hopefully find a way to get a deal done with Eric Chavez. Chavez is the best option to play third base throughout the season; we know that Alex Rodriguez will require days off or days in the DH slot.

The best that we can hope for with Ibanez is that he maintains his home run and RBI production. He no longer possesses a dangerous outfield arm, and he's not fast on the basepaths. Last year with the Phillies, he batted in 84 runners on 20 homers and 131 hits. Thirty-one of those hits were doubles. So the offensive production is definitely there.

And so, Yankees, I'm pleading with you: do what you have to do and go get Chavez!

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  1. If I have to watch A-roid spitting out sunflower seeds on the bench the whole season, I am going to scream!