Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greatest Hits: Nick Swisher

Ok, folks. Now, that the Soriano signing and all the "controversy" behind it is officially over, it's time to move on in the Greatest Hits segment. Next batter up: Nick Swisher.

Bringing Nick Swisher over to the Yankees in 2009 came with mixed reviews. He wasn't known as a great hitter, never having a season where he'd hit for for .300 or more, but fanatics knew that he was a solid defender, and when coverage of his first Spring Training with the team was broadcast, you could see right away how comfortable he was with his new teammates. You knew that he could be that "amped" presence that would bring some life to a "tight" clubhouse.

But his attitude is just a small part of what has made "Swish" a fan favorite in New York. He may not hit much for average--although he just had his best offensive season of his career, hitting .288--but he can definitely hit for power. Did you know that he averages 29 homers per season? That's a statistic that most people don't associate with Swish, but if you remember back in '09, before A-Rod came back to the team from his hip surgery, and while Texeira struggled his usual April struggles, Swish carried the team via the home run. But while homers are always a great part of any ballplayer's arsenal, Swish is also very good at catching balls in right field. And he's just so damn cute! Here, is Nick Swisher's Greatest Hits.

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  1. "he's just so damn cute!"

    I think Joanna Garcia, my fellow Floridian, shares your view on that that, :-)))


    Swish is definitely my favorite, current Yankee OF, for both his play and his infectious spirit on the club...back during his era, I was/remain a HUGE Big Paul O'Neill!!!

    This is his contract year, right??? I hope he sticks around after '11, is so.

  2. oops, sorry for the "fan" omission, after O'Neill and typo on "is", should be "if", LOLLLLLLLLLLL....haven't had my Cuban Coffee shot, :-)))

  3. LOL. No problem, Carlos and thanx again for posting.

    I really like Swish. It took me a while to accept his "enthusiasm," which I mistook for being "goofy." But he reminds us all that baseball is a game and it should be fun. I'm sure that if he has a season similar to his last, the Yankees will definitely bring him back. I doubt that he'd want to play anywhere else.

    And, like you, Paul O'Neill remains near and dear to my heart. They don't make ballplayers like that anymore.

  4. I was a huge O'Neill fan when he was holding down right field, and I am becoming equally fond of Swish out there after his first 2 years in the Bronx.

    As usual, I don't have any stats to support this (because I'm too lazy to look them up), but I feel like Swish has done a solid job approximating O'Neill's value in right field. The guy hits for average, hits for power, gets on base at a good clip, and plays a damn good right field.

    Just funny how he's the polar opposite of Paul in terms of personality.

  5. Thanx for posting, Captain.

    I never thought of the comparison between Swish and Paul O'Neill, but yeah, their approach to the game is completely different, but it's funny how both approaches compliment the team nicely.