Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yankees Sign Brian Schlitter

According to, the Yankees have acquired RHP Brian Schlitter off of waivers from the Chicago Cubs. The 25-year old spent most of his time in the Cubs' Triple-A affiliate team as a reliever.

The Yankees made this move, obviously, to fill up their 40-man roster with needed relievers, but I wouldn't expect to see Schlitter too often this season. In the majors, Schlitter has appeared in only seven games--all last season with the Cubs--and has a 0-1 record with a whopping 12.38 ERA. He's faired better in his minor-league career, posting a 3.32 ERA, but still has a losing record at 7-12.

The "pluses" to Schlitter's game are that he throws a 94 mph sinker-fastball and averages 8.7 strikeouts per 9 innings allowing less than a home run per game in the minors. But, all-in-all, his numbers are not admirable and he would probably be used as a middle reliever if the bullpen becomes overused at best.

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