Monday, January 3, 2011

Pettitte Decision Expected This Week

According to an article from ESPN's Wallace Matthews, the Yankees are expecting to hear a decision from Andy Pettitte this week on whether he will return to the team for 2011 or not. Andy and his family have just returned from vacation in Hawaii.

In the article, Wallace points out that there is an expectation by Yankees officials that Andy is still leaning towards retirement. The team does not want to make any player moves until they know what his decision is.

"Starter, reliever, a bat, it depends on what's out there,'' the Yankees official said. '"But we gotta know what Andy is gonna do first."

The amount of speculation on Andy's decision by fans and the media alike continue to grow while this all plays out. Reports of Andy's advice to Brian Cashman to not wait for him, the stalling of his offseason workout regimen and the belief that he may be seeking retribution for his dismal salary in 2009, have many certain that Andy will retire. Others, including myself, continue to hold out hope that he will return and legitimize the Yankees' rotation this year.

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