Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lee's Agent: CC Not the Goal

According to a NY Post staff report, Cliff Lee's agent is debunking any claims that he is seeking a CC Sabathia-type deal for his client.

"I never said CC is the goal," Darek Braunecker sid to He also said the recent meeting between Lee and Texas Rangers' brass went "ok".

"It went fine. We had a chance to visit a little bit more, and it was a continuation of some of the dialogue we had leading up to the meeting. We appreciated the gesture. It's always nice to get to sit down with the people you're dealing with instead of over the phone or text messaging.

"All in all, we came away from the meeting appreciative of their time."

The Rangers have reportedly offered a 5-year deal to Lee, hoping to compete with an inevitable offer from the Yankees of which they believe may be for 6 years at approx. $23 million. The Yankees have yet to make any offer to Lee.

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