Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Andy "Leaning" Toward 2011 Return?

Ken Davidoff of Newsday reported yesterday that an industry source says Andy Pettitte is leaning toward a return for the 2001 season with his family's support. If the source is correct, it will be Andy's final season, and he will have to negotiate a contract directly with the Yankees as he was not offered arbitration at last night's deadline.

In speaking with friends, I've stated that Andy will return if the Yankees sign Cliff Lee. I think the prospect of being part of a rotation as lethal as Lee will make it is an opportunity that the competitor in Andy won't pass up. If the Yankees lose the Cliff Lee sweepstakes, which may be unlikely at this point, I believe it may take continuous phone calls from teammates to sway Andy into returning. 

Stay tuned...

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