Friday, December 31, 2010

Bartolo Colon? Yeah, Right

I had no intention of posting anything today, as I am preparing for tonight's New Year's festivities. Like every other fanatic, I'm assuming, I thought that the next couple of days would be quiet on the Yankees front, and wasn't expecting to hear anything "startling" until Monday at least.

So you can imagine my surprise (disgust?) when I read today that the Yankees have shown interest in Bartolo Colon. Bartolo Colon. Bartolo Colon? The more I repeat his name, the more I become baffled at this new development, but I wonder whether this is a true development at all.

According to, the news of the Bombers' interest comes from Colon himself (red flag, red flag). Not to call the guy a liar, but this could be a case of self-promotion here, as the former Cy Young winner would not be the first player to ever embellish about his possible suitors. Even if the Yankees inquired about Colon as he played in the Dominican Winter League, it doesn't mean that they are genuinely interested in his services. I find it very hard to believe that they would be.

Colon was one of the more viable pitchers in the league from his first full season in 1998 'til his Cy Young season in 2005 when he won 21 games. He completely fell off the radar after that posting losing records in three of his next four seasons, and he hasn't pitched in the majors since 2009.

I am not going to put too much into this story. I don't believe that the Yankees are so desperate that they would actually consider signing Colon. Cashman has preached patience and making deals that "make sense," and this just doesn't make any sense. The Yankees are as inclined to sign Bartolo Colon as they are to re-sign Carl Pavano. It just ain't gonna happen.

And, remember this?

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